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Anemone Wind Flower

Anemone Wind Flower

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Anemone Wind Flower - White (set of 9 pieces)

Size: 4"

Anemone - forsaken, anticipation, truth, sincerity

Our pre-made flowers offers a way of decorating cakes without a hassle for all professional and amateur decorators alike.

Gum Paste Flowers are made with gum paste and it contains sugar or glucose, which makes it pliable sugar dough to be use as modeling clay for shaping or decorating. Decorating cake is just as fun and satisfying as the finish product. As decorated cakes is often the center of attention/centerpiece on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries.

We can make custom arrangements or even develop designs especially for you.
You can also use edible airbrush colors, luster/petal dusts to enhance color and accents of the flowers. All gum paste flowers comes with wire/stems, unless stated.

For any questions, email us @ gumpasteflowerstore@purpledough.com