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Customize Cakes


We do all kind of custom cakes! 

For scheduling an order - we ask for 1-2 weeks in advance. Please provide info such as cake flavor, cake size/servings, cake design and date needed. 

*All cake request and quote must be send through our email - purpledough@purpledough.com or text at 646-726-2187

To order: text 646-726-2187 or email us at purpledough@purpledough.com

Cake Flavor: Calamansi, Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut Pandan, Coffee, Confetti, Cookies n' Cream, Green Tea, Jackfruit, Mango, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Thai Tea, Ube Purple Yam, Vanilla

Cake Filling: Apple, Banana Pudding, Blueberry, Cannoli Cream, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut Pandan, Cream Cheese, Green Tea, Guava, Hazelnut-Nutella, Mango Cream, Pineapple, Strawberry, Thai Tea Cream, Ube Purple Yam, Vanilla, Yema Custard Cream

*Vegan Cake flavor option: Calamansi, Cherry Blossom, Coconut Pandan, Cucumber, Jackfruit, Lavender, Mango, Passion Fruit, Rose, Thai Tea, Ube 

*Vegan Cake filling option: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Guava, Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla  

Please advise all of our products may contain nuts, milk, soy, wheat, eggs, cocoa, citrus, and other allergens and allergenic ingredients that may cause allergic reaction. We are not a certified Kosher establishment and is unable to produce parve cakes.

For any questions, email us @ purpledough@purpledough.com